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barely holding on, but still a work truck getting the job done in Argentina

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The passenger side tires are barely hanging in there, the front seems to be tied down to the rim with twine, and the rear recaps are parting from …

Found on Cartefact.tumblr.com

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This Hudson was at SEMA 2009: http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2009/11/ever-seen-hot-rod-hudson-800-hp.html These photos are from http://cartefact.tumblr.com/

Body Graphics Tattoo in Temecula has a logo on these two cool looking hot rods

Cool canteen overflow catch can Red gauge insert looks great in the dash I don't think I've seen an induction like this�…

I just learned of Dodge Trucks I've never heard of before

This and the next are Macho Power Wagons The below is the 1979 Palomino: Palominos were built from Feb 1st thru the end of the 1979 produ…

1971 Lincoln Continental Farm and Ranch special, some exec thought Lincoln owners needed a truck 30 years before the 2001 Blackwood

How about that? It's the earliest Lincoln truck I've ever seen, and the only Ranchero like Lincoln I've ever seen. The 2001 Li…

Coincidental parking of 3 1966 Chevy trucks let me compare short bed, long bed, and Custom editions

The reddish truck is owned by a guy with time and appreciation for woodwork, it's the custom, and has the crhrome work around …

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