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GCRC Hachi Rock Matsuri - Part #2 Body Comp Winners.

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Let's check out the grinners. This pandora TRUENO is simple and has a big impact. It caught the eye for the GCRC SPL award. I think it's very…

Isle of Capri.

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The Tamiya Group five Zakspeed Capri is a car I don't forget from my early life. I need one! The loopy aero and ultra-extensive panels are simply super. Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=ScNCjLFDHy…


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V8 Brutes are a class of Support Racing for the V8 Supercar Touring automobile collection in Australia. They are well-known for a few circle work and sideways motion even as racing, so it makes exper…

RE-Xtreme M-SA22c RX-7

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The SA22c Mini Widebody is carried out. 200mm Wide. Wheelbase is 215mm As always LOW... Resting on the shock towers. I assume you could see how huge it's end up. 2 bodies cur to grow to be 1 and …

Seven's Day @ GCRC - Part # 2 The Show Winners

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GCRC brings out the bling. Double Down! Popular Vote and the SPL #1 GCRC trophy.  With so many, it was again a difficult selection. Tamiya FD3s RX7 +…