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Musclecarblog.tumbler has a great focus on late 60's high performance musclecars, and Mopars particularly

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Of course I love this R/T photo, I've got an R/T... And my last musclecar was a Superbee that looked exactly like the above R/T, with a bee on…

Magnetic Brain found another outstnading little known dragster with a cool story, a '40s Fuel Willys with a Watson paint candy job

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Don't know how he finds them, but MB posts a terrific selection of cool dragsters http://magneticbrain.blogspot.com

found on Voodoo Timm's Garage

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So you think these are cool, go see the rest at http://voodootimm.tumblr.com

Shorty 57 Bel Air wagon dragster, with a gasser nose up attitude

Ready for action with racing fuel and nitrous

Mr Norm's Super Challenger funny car (1971)

Found on http://endlessme.tumblr.com


I recently posted this very cool drawing by Florian Flatau from vs.YOU. And now its on a T-Shirt! Gettting mine in orange :) preorder it HERE Dont wait, numbers are very restricted.


You got to take me home tonight

'54 Bonneville Salt flats

Fascinating shots by J.R Eyerman


You got to take me home tonight

NSRA Nostalgia Nationals 2012

A Sunday out at Shakespeare county Raceway for the NSRA Nats. We went there with Thom and the sun was shining, the loud roaring V8s were clearing their throats…