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great stuff found on ihatemotorcycles.tumblr.com

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check out the coolest futuristic designer ( he did the new Tron vehicles ) http://www.danielsimon.net/artdata/mopped/mopped.html In the…

Found on Cartefact.tumblr.com

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This Hudson was at SEMA 2009: http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2009/11/ever-seen-hot-rod-hudson-800-hp.html These photos are from http://cartefact.tumblr.com/

The van crazy 70's hangover

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found on http://flaviendachet.blogspot.com

was the "Dude" at Qualcomm yesterday? Looks like him!

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The Dude, character in the Big Lebowski and was played by Jeff Bridges

evolved from Von Dutch's 2 stroke pogo stick, the Hop Rod... dangerous powered pogo

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This is the first time I've seen one in person. It looks unused because it probably is virtually unridden. These things have hurt people, an…

cool photos from Kombi rules

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Isn't this a cool idea? Instead of painting your van, just add this cover to the front, and make faces on it. from Http://kombirules.Blogspot.Com where I recommend you go for more

The website of "Stupid things people do to fix stuff" ThereiFixedit.failblog.com

Found in the first car of some young highschooler I bet... Old cars didn't have cup holders I'm thinking... I never had anything made …

Crazy fixes to car problems.. .some of these even impress me with their possible efficient overcoming of challenges the cheap way

Gotta be a heavy beast, but have you ever seen a rebar bike? This is actually not the first wacko who is deathly afraid of his car getting do…

Prius humor

from http://roundabout2.blogspot.com

Ferrari education 101: This is a 458 Italia, this is what it does (no, I'm not a rated G site for the kids, I'm Just A Car Guy, you've read the title)

Any questions? Thanks to Mike for the email of this one!

Allrides has some cool stuff you oughta see

Just the thing to keep a farmer dry when using the tractor in the rain. There are some things that have been done with VW vans that are a surpr…