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Homemade tank inspired by the Transformers movie... but the tank treads caught my attention, they'd work well in woody or vegetative areas I think

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found on: http://randommization.com/2011/02/26/chinese-man-makes-megatron-tank-out-of-scrap/

Justacargal found a most unusual prototype rim and tire replacement made of springs

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from http://justacargal-s.blogspot.com/ and reminded me of the next photo that I've never learned exactly what is was originally.. .But they…

found on Voodoo Timm's Garage

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So you think these are cool, go see the rest at http://voodootimm.tumblr.com

Have you seen a car made into a RV? someone really nailed it with this Rambler American in Argentina

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This comes from Fosiles Mecanicos blogspot, and for a super easy way to read it (or any website) in your own language, use Google Chrome as a br…

Portable garage, simple, weatherprrof, and burglar proof

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from http://themiltonsource.tumblr.com

great stuff found on ihatemotorcycles.tumblr.com

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check out the coolest futuristic designer ( he did the new Tron vehicles ) http://www.danielsimon.net/artdata/mopped/mopped.html In the…

zip ties work well for helping bike tires get traction on snow

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read about it http://flailings.blogspot.com/2010/12/cold-and-white.html or see a step by step at http://thereifixedit.failblog.org/2011/01/21/whi…

The website of "Stupid things people do to fix stuff" ThereiFixedit.failblog.com

Found in the first car of some young highschooler I bet... Old cars didn't have cup holders I'm thinking... I never had anything made …

Crazy fixes to car problems.. .some of these even impress me with their possible efficient overcoming of challenges the cheap way

Gotta be a heavy beast, but have you ever seen a rebar bike? This is actually not the first wacko who is deathly afraid of his car getting do…

Diplock's Pedrail. What a name! Somebody should call their band this name.

If it had caught on, we'd still know about it, but it is a interesting idea for rough terrain, maybe rocky terrain. Reminds me immediately o…

The SG rat rod. They might consider calling it the Eye Magnet, it drew a constant big crowd

Yes, that fat bastard is leaning heavily on the car. I have no idea what makes anyone think they are welcome to do that. I like t…