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great stuff found on ihatemotorcycles.tumblr.com

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check out the coolest futuristic designer ( he did the new Tron vehicles ) http://www.danielsimon.net/artdata/mopped/mopped.html In the…

the documentary of street graffitti art from the icons, Exit Through the Gift Shop... intriguing movie, lots about Banksy

It's an instant download on Netflix. For Banksy outdoor art: http://www.banksy.co.uk/outdoors/outvarious/horizontal_1.htm

the McCurdy Models

Check them out at the San Diego Firehouse museum

how to hide a dent... use 6 sharpie markers and a lot of drawing ability

Steve, thanks man! This is a geat piece of art to share, and reading through the source forum, inpsired a lot of people who would like the sam…

1969 Mopar advertising art

I've posted some like this before, but more is better, For Road Runner advertising art like this: http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2010/10/road-runner-advertising-i-cant-recall.html Some coo…

Jeremy and Hector buy a 62 Split window kombi (VW micro bus), from the comic strip Zits, one of my favorites

Great comic strip by Scott and Borgman


Very cool posters from Type-01

Matthias Heiderich

Just a few samples of the very the graphic work of MATTHIAS HEIDERICH

Atelier Olschinsky

These few samples of work achieved by way of Studio Olschinsky are certainly outstanding. I recognize their very difficult "towns" collection and their summary three-D paintin…