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GCRC Raceway 2015
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Wednesday Night "Wedded Bliss"

Lead or chase... Catch the teach! Or one out runs that consciousness your tuning. 86 battles getting equipped for Sunday. But others still m...

Sat a tat tat at GCRC

Not a bad manner to check the new device. A little bit of CS/RWD movement. Rocket Bunny Double LEDs running well.  Front lighting fixtures a...

GCRC Friday Fizz

A nice little no stress session.  Tried a few different RWD setups. Getting inspiration from all. CS machines still looking strong. With ser...

GCRC RE-Xtreme Hachi Rock Matsuri - Part #1 Showdown

Yes, The Hachi Rock Matsuri Rocked! I'll have an in depth study the winners, however what resulted changed into primarily based on IMPAC...