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just passing time on the curbside in Argentina and Uruguay, from aptly named Fossils Mechanical, by Gabriel and his friends

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Notice this cab is chained to the tree and this is cabled to something out of the shot the above and the below pair are Merced…

Get a little crazy as long as you don't wreck

from http://carmonday.tumblr.com/

Elegant street rods

Camera flash really can fill in an engine bay well, especially when all that chrome bounces the light all over That's really pretty in the zoom close up I came across this …

1934 150 Sport Roadster Mercedes Benz, one of 5 made, only one left just restored last year by the Irvine Merc. Benz Classic Center

Click on the above for the story of the finding of, and acquistion of this rare Benz, and final restoration by the Mercedes Benz Classic Center …

Mercedes Benz C240

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Luxury Mercedes Benz C240 Mercedes Benz C240 Hatchback Black Mercedes Benz C240 Mercedes Benz C240 Engine View White Mercedes Benz C240 Mercedes Benz C240 Interior Cool Mercedes Benz C2…