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RC RX-7's Day and Rotary Matsuri

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7's Day Celebrates the RX-7  but also gathers Rotary fans.Get Ready! RX-7 FD3s, FC3s, SA22. RX-8 SE3p Older Rotaries also eligible. RX-3 Etc The …

Saturday Seven Session @ GCRC

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First up a mini shoot... This is RE-Xtreme in the end!!!! Then off to my different residence... The House of Drift! I began with a shot of the rear camber on my DRB / FC mixture. RC-ART mesh rims hea…

GCRC FR I Day - RX Setup.

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Another Rx7 setup for the Sunday Seven's Day. And any other, and another. And some other.... Gonna be an extremely good day! This machine is difficult to power, but with the right weight balance …

Seven's Day @ GCRC - Part #1 The Show

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Welcome to Rotor Town RX7 SA- FC- FD - RX3 and the strange 4 rotor mustang. Let's stand up close. I love this shot. Awesome SA22 extended to 257m…