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'65 Dodge Deora

Half concept-automobile, half custom, the Dodge Deora turned into designed by former GM fashion designer Harry Ben...

'86 Black Moon Rising - Concordia II

This the Concordia II starring within the cheesy "Black Moon Rising" with Tommy Lee Jones.

'78 Lamborghini Faena by Frua

You dream of an Espada however your 2 children and the canine are preventing you? Here is your solution. This fantastic Lambor...

'68 Cam-aero

Serious surgical treatment on that mid-engined '68 Camaro! Lower, longer, the roof of a Chevy Caprice, and a 455ci Oldsmobil...

'41 Chrysler Lebaron Thunderbolt

The 1941 Thunderbolt was Chrysler's response to the 1939 Buick Y-Job  and was penned by Alex Tremulis. The car feature...

'52 Mercedes-Benz 170 SB W191

If you are into hot rods, especially if you are thinking of building one, you must have asked yourself how to build a car ...