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'54 Fiat 8V Turbina

The Fiat 8001 Turbina was presented at the Turin motor show in 1954. Along with the Rover Jet 1 and the GM XP-21 Firebird ...

DS convertible

Spotted on a sunny sunday in Maida Vale, London

'54 Auto-Union Monza DKW "3=6"

The DKW Monza  was a sports car built on a Auto Union DKW base. Named after the world-famous Italian Grand Prix circuit. The...

'55 OSCA TIPO MT4-2AD by Vignale

more info on HERE

'54 Bonneville Salt flats

Fascinating shots by J.R Eyerman

'52 Mercedes-Benz 170 SB W191

If you are into hot rods, especially if you are thinking of building one, you must have asked yourself how to build a car ...

'54 Gm XP-21 Firebird I

Clearly inspired by a delta wing fighter Jet, the XP-21 was the first turbine powered car coming from the States. It s...