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Fuel Magazine has just added an online Zine, it's awesome, here is a small sample (of 42 slides) to entice you

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Gotta hand it to editor Luke Ray and his photography... Awesome magazine with a superb layout http://www.fuelzine.com/the-fuel-tank/be…

AMC Rebel Machine

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Found on http://themiltonsource.tumblr.com

trick photography

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The photo is taken on top of a tunnel, with white cars going in and black cars coming out, no pollution jokes intended. The main idea I had before I took the shot was to capture contrast and motio…

cool photos from Listenyourwildside.tumblr.com which is focused on early motorcyles primarily

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check it out, it doesn't have immense quantity of content, but it's a good look through race bikes and race cars http://listen…

Found the hood ornament challenge piece again, here's my 3rd try at matching Tere's awesome 2 shots

Here're Tere's perfect 2 hood ornament photos: http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2010/04/im-still-trying-to-get-photo-of-this.html

Sunday Light makes Sunday Right

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I love those shots wherein the cars melt into the backlight. Bright returned mild. Bright Headlights... "I'm coming through!"  Always be in search of this gadget! No zone given! Ol scho…

Eberhard Hoch

Awesome shots by Eberhard Hoch

QuiZZ: What is ziss?

What is it? Found this beauty on James Haefner website. The first to give the answer will get a prize!

'70 Dodge Dart Swinger

very good tribute to a very cool car from AUTOFREI