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GCRC Hachi Rock Matsuri - Part #2 Body Comp Winners.

Let's check out the grinners. This pandora TRUENO is simple and has a big impact. It caught the eye for the GCRC SPL award. I think it&#...

RE-Xtreme M-SA22c RX-7

The SA22c Mini Widebody is carried out. 200mm Wide. Wheelbase is 215mm As always LOW... Resting on the shock towers. I assume you could see ...

RE-Quad6-Seven - Update #5 W I D T H

Accentuating curves in white, there's nothing to hide. The Rx-7 is coming collectively slowly. However like all matters, you want a plan...


It's machine's like this that truly entice attention. Rowan Atkinson is a car nut. But his Alter Ego, Mr Bean has traded his Mini fo...

GCRC 24Hours of Drift on the Gold Coast - Body Showoff

Mr Bean's Z begins the lineup. Super clean S13. Frntic Tune RX8 Super smooth Yokomo FD RC-Art Aero. Tamiya Rocket Bunny Aero. Supram...