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Musclecarblog.tumbler has a great focus on late 60's high performance musclecars, and Mopars particularly

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Of course I love this R/T photo, I've got an R/T... And my last musclecar was a Superbee that looked exactly like the above R/T, with a bee on…

Ever see a bad ass 62 Polara? Well, you have now

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Found on http://thealwaysgentleman.tumblr.com

Shelby AC Dragonsnakes

Ed Hedrick pistured above in the (fuchia or magenta yuck) dragonsnake that put the AC Cobra into the national records for winning A B and C/sports for 1963 and 1964 Available in 1963, sold with…

1 of 55 RO/WO factory drag race Coronet and Belvederes

Makes me say Damnit. According to Galen Govier only 1 1966 S/S Coronet was built (WO21H6*******)and 50 S/S Belvedere's (RO21H6*******). In 1…