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MuscleCarDreaming.Tumblr.com focused on photography of great musclecars

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and all the cars I posted, to let you know they have cool photos, are Mopars. Huh. Stange how that happened. See Fords, Chevys, and al…

good advertising

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Found on http://autoadvert.tumblr.com

You have less than a second to see the biker... Click on the image to see the full size first

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Too late, next time slow down and be careful, it's the only way to see better... Ducati advertising found on http://autoadvert.tumblr.com/

The Barnum and Baily "Dip of Death"

Found on: http://www.atomicantiques.com

1969 Mopar advertising art

I've posted some like this before, but more is better, For Road Runner advertising art like this: http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2010/10/road-runner-advertising-i-cant-recall.html Some coo…

The latest from BMW engineering, dog repellent rims

via: http://www.norcalminis.com/ For other great april fools pranks: http://www.norcalminis.com/2011/04/some-great-auto-related-april-fools-day.ht…

The cars of movie stars and celebrities before 1980

Above, Miss America Teen Ager and the 1969 Dodge Charger Found on http://www.flickr.com/photos/autohistorian/sets/72157622042…

Fengtastic strikes again

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Captioning an ordinary image, with humor! See the others at http://www.fengtastic.com/ Thanks Steve!

Jamaica; street signs are objects to put advertisements on

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This Burger King globe is very similar to the old gas pump globes The middle two photos are just to show the surroundings of the street sig…