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1974 RollsRoyce Merlin V12 27 Liters

details of "The Beast" here

'72 Volvo VESC

Volvo Experimental Safety Car

Why is the PhoeniX NOT a Saab?

Wherein is the nordic minimalism gone?

'76 Saab 99

Its no longer tough to make a cool Saab!

'70 Dodge Dart Swinger

very good tribute to a very cool car from AUTOFREI


Going to Portugal. I'll see you next week :)

Inland Vans Berdoo

more of these 70s gems on Inland Vans Berdoo

'72 Castrol Racing Team

Lima, Peru. via Vandernotte

Gran Turismo 5 Photomode

GT5 is incredibly frustrating!  The 800 "standard cars" are a copy/paste from GT4, except you cannot change wheels anymore, or design your dream garage like on Forza... Its a gr…

'78 Herb Adams' Pontiac Silverbird

some more info HERE and HERE