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O.CT. Tuning Supercharges Audi R8 V8 to 565-Horses

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Owners of the entry-level Audi R8 with the 4.Dua-liter naturally aspirated V8 seeking a healthier hasil may want to take a look at O.CT. Tuning?S lat…


Discover audi as a brand company and employer on our international website. The origins of the company are complex going back to the early 20th. Abt Cranks Audi Rs3 To 470 Hp 350 Kw Audi Rs3 Audi …

A Devastatingly Fast Audi! It’s an R8 Supercar

What makes Audi R8 a super car when it is as easy as an Audi TT to drive? Audi R8 is a super-fast everyday cruising monster, it is not as difficult t…

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