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'70 Dodge Dart Swinger

very good tribute to a very cool car from AUTOFREI

'65 Dodge Deora

Half concept-automobile, half custom, the Dodge Deora turned into designed by former GM fashion designer Harry Bentley Bradley for the famous automobile customizers the Alex…

Inland Vans Berdoo

more of these 70s gems on Inland Vans Berdoo

Gran Turismo 5 Photomode

GT5 is incredibly frustrating!  The 800 "standard cars" are a copy/paste from GT4, except you cannot change wheels anymore, or design your dream garage like on Forza... Its a gr…

'67 Pontiac Firebird

One day you may be mine...

'78 Herb Adams' Pontiac Silverbird

some more info HERE and HERE

My new car

See the entire car HERE and HERE

1970 Pontiac Firebird formula 400

Took the bird out for a little photoshoot at night with Liam