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It Came from eBay Hell: V6 Powered Ferrari Fiero-rossa auf Deustchland zukommt

Suppose you are a used car buyer in Germany, with €9,990 (US$13,199) to spend on some new wheels. Would you - even in your darkest, most m...

New Rumors of the Pontiac G8 Returning to North America as a Chevrolet

The dying of the Pontiac emblem in 2009 additionally added approximately the death of the G8, the Americanized derivative of the Australia...

LupiniPower's Chevrolet SportUte is a wild one; Packs 535HP from Supercharged V8

The Holden Commodore Ute may not had been given the hazard for a career within the States as the G8 ST sport truck after the demise of Pon...

GM's Pontiac Brand is Dead at the Age of 84

After eighty four years, Pontiac, the once proud maker of American icons together with the Trans Am and GTO, breathed its ultimate breath ...

SEMA: HPP Comes up with its own Trans-Am Camaro kit

The ultimate time we heard from Heide Performance Products (HPP), the Michigan-based totally tuner showcased a Daytona conversion for Dodg...