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Nobody messes with King Kong

Howitzer, 1946 is the label on the photo. Found on the HAMB

MRAP field tested, US Marine approved. 500 lb bomb exploded under it, lifted and flipped around, and no one died

The drivers ribs were broken when the steering wheel pounded into them, damn good thing steering wheels are designed to bend instead of bustin…

Must have been built to accomplish a lot, it's got ski's on the front, tracks on the back, and a boat on top

Dodge Power Wagon is my best guess. Found on http://steampunkvehicles.tumblr.com

Coast to coast, and to every state capitol, the High Five Tour 2011 is out to raise funds and awareness

HIGH FIVE TOUR On June 22, 2011 we will gallop across America in our 2011 Shelby Mustang GT-500 to thank Americans for their support of our milit…