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Hachi Preppin'

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Time is approaching so allow's not be nevertheless. Prep the ones hachies, they may be gonne be sick! Count them down baby! One, two, three.    From D1 to Street Spec,  All Rocket Bun-ny! R E -X…

Sat a tat tat at GCRC

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Not a bad manner to check the new device. A little bit of CS/RWD movement. Rocket Bunny Double LEDs running well.  Front lighting fixtures also sharp.  My antique RX7 additionally on course inside th…

GCRC RE-Xtreme Hachi Rock Matsuri - Part #1 Showdown

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Yes, The Hachi Rock Matsuri Rocked! I'll have an in depth study the winners, however what resulted changed into primarily based on IMPACT! There …