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Mexico's crossover production adds to trade tensions

From car feed http://ift.Tt/2yMyW0W

Bugatti Veyron Andes Mountains Crash Looks Surreal, Damage Is Serious

As you are reading this, a small group of fortunate aficionados is enjoying the thrills of the Bugatti Grand Tour 2017, with the event havin...

Hyundai Shopper Assurance retail plan borrows from '09 playbook

From car feed http://ift.Tt/2hIfnfj

Industry braces for Kobe Steel scandal fallout

From auto feed http://ift.Tt/2gIB4w2

Why is Tesla struggling to build the Model 3?

From automobile feed http://ift.Tt/2yMyX50

Porsche experiments with vehicle subscriptions

from auto feed http://ift.Tt/2hIsJsa

Cadillac holds off on virtual showrooms as small dealers balk

From car feed http://ift.Tt/2hIfpnr

Industry resigned to life without NAFTA

From car feed http://ift.Tt/2ieEdrk

Dealers must retool retail

From car feed http://ift.Tt/2yN2WtO

Report: Volkswagen Working on 2019 T-Cross Subcompact Crossover

With the T-Roc, Volkswagen is treading on unknown territory. Never has the Wolfsburg-based automaker offered such a small-sided utility vehi...

NXP Semiconductors hopes new tech platform will future-proof cars

From automobile feed http://ift.Tt/2gdQI1L

NXP Semiconductors hopes new tech platform will future-proof cars

NXP Semiconductors introduced its S32x processing platform, which it claims has 10 times the performance of current chipsets. The platform m...

2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Review: Half-Measure?

Mercedes-Benz last put the world’s luxury-car peddlers on notice with its new-for-2014-model-year, W222-generation S-Class. It featured aut...