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Michigan Reclassifies License Requirements for Autocycles

Good news for open-air autocycle fans—Michigan is the latest state to reclassify its operator licensing requirements for freaky, three-wheeled vehicles like the Polaris Slingshot. Drivers no longer need a motorcycle license to operate one, but most bikers will still make fun of you when you they roll up on you.

Newbies in states like Michigan can ride autocycles with a valid state driver’s license, though getting a motorcycle endorsement wouldn’t hurt, and it would most likely increase your chances of survival out on the road.

Michigan law defines an autocycle as ?An enclosed motorcycle this is prepared with safety belts, rollbar, windshield wipers, guidance wheel, and system otherwise required on a bike, and which has not greater than 3 wheels in contact with the roadway at anybody time.?

Laws still vary from state to state, but at least 31 require an autocycle to have three wheels and 27 require a steering wheel. Three-wheeled trikes like the Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra still require a motorcycle license and are equally silly looking.

The Slingshot made its debut in 2014 and most consumers were required to maintain a motorbike endorsement or license to function it. These days it isn't always required in a number of states.

?We are proactively instructing states about the innovation Slingshot can provide to consumers. As we try this, policymakers understand that even though Slingshot resides within the bike type which has long furnished for three-wheel designs and non-straddle seating, operator abilities are similar to those required for passenger car,? Said Rachael Elia, Slingshot advertising supervisor, in a assertion.

?Our goal is to gain a unified classification and operator licensing scheme across the united states to offer greater possibilities and riding freedom for clients seeking out the closing thrill revel in that Slingshot gives.?

The new law in Michigan went into effect on October 11.

Source: Michigan State Legislature, Polaris

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