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'72 Volvo VESC

Volvo Experimental Safety Car

'65 Dodge Deora

Half concept-automobile, half custom, the Dodge Deora turned into designed by former GM fashion designer Harry Bentley Bradley for the famous automobile customizers the Alex…

Evo by Ora Ito

Via Intersection Magazine

'93 Bourbon Adonis, for your eyes only

And quality of all :) via Adonis


Very cool posters from Type-01

'90 Citroen Activa 2 concept

The hidden toddler between a Ford Probe and a Citroen XM...

'78 Lamborghini Faena by Frua

You dream of an Espada however your 2 children and the canine are preventing you? Here is your solution. This fantastic Lamborghini was a one-off designed by Carozzeria Pietro Frua. An …