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Found on Cartefact.tumblr.com

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This Hudson was at SEMA 2009: http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2009/11/ever-seen-hot-rod-hudson-800-hp.html These photos are from http://cartefact.tumblr.com/

Nice cars that need a new home were scarce at the Big 3 this year

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The 69 Camaro was up for grabs for 7500, tubbed, maybe back halved Hudson Never seen this semaph0re turnsignal before

The wonderful variety of brass era cars at the Nethercutt Museum

Read the above fine print, it's where I learned about the other Pope cars The first e…

Hudson Terraplane dash and speedometer instrument gauge, unique in being in the center of the top of the dash

Good looking design and the shifter stalk, about the size of a normal flashlight... Good looking elegant design for the 1930's. The Tucker …