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European cars
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QuiZZ: What is ziss?

What is it? Found this beauty on James Haefner website. The first to give the answer will get a prize!

1974 RollsRoyce Merlin V12 27 Liters

details of "The Beast" here

'72 Volvo VESC

Volvo Experimental Safety Car

Why is the PhoeniX NOT a Saab?

Wherein is the nordic minimalism gone?

'76 Saab 99

Its no longer tough to make a cool Saab!

'54 Fiat 8V Turbina

The Fiat 8001 Turbina was presented at the Turin motor show in 1954. Along with the Rover Jet 1 and the GM XP-21 Firebird ...

nicer than a DS, a DS Chapron

You gotta love white wall tyres

Black smoke White smoke

What can a 30 year old diesel Mercedes 123 estate do on a track?

'72 Castrol Racing Team

Lima, Peru. via Vandernotte

'93 Bourbon Adonis, for your eyes only

And quality of all :) via Adonis