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RX-7 FD3s
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RC RX-7's Day and Rotary Matsuri

7's Day Celebrates the RX-7  but also gathers Rotary fans.Get Ready! RX-7 FD3s, FC3s, SA22. RX-8 SE3p Older Rotaries also eligible. RX-3...

Saturday Seven Session @ GCRC

First up a mini shoot... This is RE-Xtreme in the end!!!! Then off to my different residence... The House of Drift! I began with a shot of t...

GCRC Sunday Sessions.

Better have your concentration in check. Because the battles are endless. Lap after lap... Millimeter perfect switchbacks are what we are se...

GCRC FR I Day - RX Setup.

Another Rx7 setup for the Sunday Seven's Day. And any other, and another. And some other.... Gonna be an extremely good day! This machin...

Seven's Day @ GCRC - Part #1 The Show

Welcome to Rotor Town RX7 SA- FC- FD - RX3 and the strange 4 rotor mustang. Let's stand up close. I love this shot. Awesome SA22 extende...