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Saturday Seven Session @ GCRC

First up a mini shoot... This is RE-Xtreme in the end!!!!

Then off to my different residence... The House of Drift!

I began with a shot of the rear camber on my DRB / FC mixture. RC-ART mesh rims healthy this mid eighties fashion nicely but it wasn't till 2004ish that the BN Sports Blister fender craze took over.

I won't pass into all the differences between these Yokomo FC3s shells. But we could just say the differences outweigh the similarities.

3rd at the scene turned into the practice device. Street, D1, Missile... What else?

Well I dragged out the Asamoto unique... Just want to get the Enkei NT-03s on there.

4 x DRBs with 4x FD3s RX-7... Am I equipped for next weekend?

Well... The mini SA22 is hardly began, however it would not prevent me lining it up.

Let's move!!!!!!!!

Team Bomber DRB.... Getting within the region!

Newcomers to the hobby... Not some distance off the specialists.

New Street Jammin' pals.

GTR is 1/2 the CS ratio, but all of us had a few exceptional laps nowadays.

R3R is a exceptional access point.

So take into account.... Next weekend. 7's Day and rotary festa. Celebrate the versions of RX-7 and anything Mazda or rotary.

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