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Sunday Light makes Sunday Right

I love those shots wherein the cars melt into the backlight.

Bright returned mild. Bright Headlights... "I'm coming through!"

 Always be in search of this gadget! No zone given!

Ol school frame, number one college driving force.

Slide on via.

Out facet paint reacts in another way to opposite paint.

This is known as "Getting an higher reduce from your son!"

Waiting for the subsequent challenger.

Hitting the apex.

Hurry Up ... Squeeze it!

Flat Light.

We go right by means of going left.

And pass left by using going right.

Battle Vixens Activate.

90 degree entry right in the front of Hulk Hogan!

Always plenty of onlookers at GCRC.

 And lately a full song with countless battles.

Until that moment all of it goes incorrect.

Squeeze the trigger at GCRC!

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