I just learned of Dodge Trucks I've never heard of before

This and the next are Macho Power Wagons

The below is the 1979 Palomino: Palominos were built from Feb 1st thru the end of the 1979 production year

Below is the 1980 Dodge Bighorn, Palomino spin-off truck.

Below are all Spirit of '76: Was a special package available in 1976 to celebrate America 's Bicenntenial. It came with a special decal that ran down the side of the truck and cloth or vinyl interior.

Spirit of '76- Available as Sweptline or Utiline http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2008/06/true-spirit-by-dodge.html

Top Hand was one I photographed and forgot: http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2010/04/restored-1970s-dodge-trucks-were-at.html

Lil Red Express are the best known of any of the trucks: http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2007/05/dodge-lil-red-express-truck.html


Snofiter- 6ft box, with plow package

SnoCommander- 8ft box with plow package

Macho Power Wagon- Available on Power Wagon's only and only sweptline beds

True Spirit- Built from '76-'78 and sold only in California, available on all pickups, but Power Wagons were most popular

Californian- California Dealer option

Big Horn- '80 only spin off of Palomino

Warlock-Available in red, blue, green, black, brown

The were mentioned on


True Spirit: The True Spirit was first produced in 1976 with about 200-250 being produced that year. They were a "test the waters" type of vehicle, along with the Warlock (but didn't do as well as the much more popular Warlock), so therefore True Spirits were only sold in the Southern California and Arizona markets. The last year of production was 1978. According to Skip Gibbs book “Truckin thru the 70’s” less than 250 True Spirits were built in 1976 and those, along with the original batch of Warlocks were sent to dealers in San Francisco and LA to test market reaction to a factory custom truck. Contrasting pinstriping w/L'il Red Express-Warlock type design over each fender. "True Spirit by Dodge" logo on tailgate only. They were produced in both Utiline Shortbed and Sweptline Shortbed body styles and also in 2WD and 4WD.

1980 BigHorn: 1980 Big Horn was a spin off of the 79 Palomino truck, and had the same saddle blanket seat, with a similar indian motif.

'77 Warlock: colors (Bright Canyon Red, Green Sunfire Metallic, and Black sunfire metallic) Available with V8 or V6, Front Disk Brakes, Sky Lite Roof, A/C, LoadFlite Automatic transmission, sliding rear window. 2WD or 4WD (courtesy of 1977 Dodge Pickups Brochure)

'78 Warlock: colors (Bright Canyon Red, Medium Green Sunfire Metallic, Formal Black, Citreon Green Metallic, Sunrise Orange). (courtesy of 1978 Dodge Pickups Brochure)

'78 Macho Power Wagon: Full Time 4 wheel drive, 318 Cubic Inch V8, Factory bed roll bar, Special decal trim for: Body side, hood & tailgate, Special 2-tone paint, black painted bumpers and Spoked Road wheels (Factory Wagon Wheels), Bucket seats, Power Steering, Tinted glass, and 10-15LT-B tires. (courtesy of 1978 Dodge Pickups Brochure)

Text and photos are all due to Nick Winters who emailed it to me very kindly so we all could learn more about the rare Dodge truck options!

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