Stress girl, rape men to get pregnant

Women united states 26-year-old from the city of seattle named Chantae Gilman now facing allegations of rape after a man claiming to be raped by him, 30-year-old man was said on 17 June and then he woke up from sleeping in his apartment and see Gilman was on top of him. He said he did not know specifically Gilman and just refer to it as drug users in the area, such as newspaper reports the Daily Mail, according to police reports, the night when he raped her say to a party a neighbor who knew Gilman. "Upon arrival at home he fell asleep, "police said Roger Ishimitsu, He then woke up at 02.00 and saw the figure of Gilman being raped, according to Seatlle Post-Intelligencer newspaper, tied his hands behind his head while being raped, he then asked Gilman departing from her body but she was concerned, she finally separated from the man captured in and drove Gilman and rushed to the hospital for medical examination, yet in the know how Gilman could get into the man's apartment, the police do not remember Gilman said he was in his apartment and have sex with her. "She says she has suffered from mental illness and bipolar," the police report, stating the examination results have been found female DNA matched DNA at the site Gilman perkosa.Gilman not second-degree rape with a helpless victim when raped. according to a status on a social media website Facebook belonging Gilman, she was pregnant 31 weeks, he had already had two small children.

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