Los angeles, united states Boxer (US) Floyd Mayweather Jr. calls the fight against Manny pacquiao on 2 May next, as the fight of the century. "May 2 is the fight of the century, the best against the best, Manny is one of the best boxers in the era This, we are planning to fight smart, like we did in the previous 47 fights, "Mayweather said during a press conference at the nokia theater, los angeles, Wednesday (11/3) local time, the press conference in three weeks after award title fight between Mayweather announced cons pacquiao, pacquiao Mayweather and the same as wearing a suit at the press conference. "The world can not miss the game this hotel.I working hard in gym, dedicate themselves to this sport, because I do not ever want to win the fight for this in my life , and I'm sure he (pacquiao) also wants to win big as me, "said the boxer nicknamed The Money this, Mayweather claimed to be grateful, because it will finally be able to give battle to look forward to by everyone in the world." on 2nd May, world will stop rotating, pacquiao versus Mayweather is the biggest fight in history, "he said, At the same time, pacquiao also grateful to be given the chance to fight Mayweather." I'm sure this is a fight that you wait wait since five years ago, this fight materialized , and I know you're excited, we will train hard to fight this month.I'll we will do our best to give you what you want, I thank God for the opportunity this hotel.I used to open anything and now into something, it's all me given to God, "said the 36-year-old boxer Fiipina it, Being parties alias's favorites underdog in this fight, the boxer nicknamed Pac Man it, feel good." I like to be underdog.itu give my determination, but, I'm sure 101 percent (to win), "said pacquiao, pacquiao fight Mayweather counter which is planned at the title at the MGM Grand, will be the most expensive boxing bout ever, tickets are not yet on sale, but the price is estimated to be between 1,500 US dollars (approximately USD 19 million) to US $ 7,500 (approximately USD 98 million) .In fact, there are reports that the news that the right seat on the side of the ring, valued at 75 thousand dollars (about 987 million).

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