JAMBI, Early detection of lower risk of liver cancer, people are encouraged to undergo medical tests to detect whether the hepatitis or not because the early stages of the disease does not cause symptoms, the beginning of hepatitis in the know, increasingly rapid treatment in doing so that it can prevent risk of the toughest, such as liver cancer. In the warning World Hepatitis Day All 5 2014, in jambi, Saturday( 20/ 9), vice health minister Ali Ghufron Mukti said, hepatitis classified as endemic disease in Indonesia, a total of 28 million people Indonesia contracted hepatitis or one of 10 Indonesian people exposed to hepatitis, It was put Indonesia as the country by the number of hepatitis patients second largest in the world, Therefore, control the form of detection and immunization early need to be extended to all regions." Hepatitis can be ended in conflict with carcinoma or liver cancer, but the risk of hepatitis can be overcome, one of them through the examination of pregnant women and infant immunization," said Ghufron. He stressed the importance of the early detection of hepatitis, therefore, each area is expected to actively campaigning for early detection to the community. for example, jambi incentive to advocate, socialization programs, and education control of hepatitis to the health workers as well as the preparation of the early detection for pregnant women and health workers, Professor of Medicine Division of Hepatology University School of Medicine Ali Suleiman said the hepatitis so the burden of health and the global economy. if not in the treat, the disease can result in liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. treatment of advanced stage need costs very large that the majority of patients unable to finance. unfortunately in Indonesia only 5- 10 percent of patients who seek treatment. Acting Director General Disease Control Environment Ministry of Health Agus Purwandianto explained, prevention of hepatitis infection in doing the government in a way, among others, the provision of hepatitis B vaccine for newborns. Adults need to self- examined in order to immediately seek treatment if infected with hepatitis.

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