Virus Ebola

freetown, WEEK- A team grave victim' s body virus Ebola in freetown, the capital sierra leone, Saturday( 20/ 9), attacked a group of people, this group refused government measures prohibiting any citizen out of the house for three days in order to break the chain outbreak Ebola, some days ago, nine officers socialization in guinea also in an own citizens, most of the bodies they found in septic tanks a school in wome, Guenia south, where the case of the main Ebola found this year in the country, witnesses said, the population attack with stones, machetes, and stick due to suspect the victims, the information about the group of the attacker team of the grave victim' s body that virus Ebola in siera leone dictated claude Camanda, parliamentarians of District Waterloo, according to Camanda, attack occurred in the village Matainkay, District Waterloo, Freetown. Saturday is the second day of the implementation of controversial policy rule that. Sierra leone has issued step the most extreme, which prohibits any of its citizens out of the house for three days since Friday, as long as it, 30,000 volunteers are allowed outside the home and visiting citizens from home to the house to provide counseling about the danger of Ebola. Step it intends to break the chain spread of the virus Ebola the worse in sierra leone, however, most local residents against the steps extreme announced the president of Ernest Bai Koroma it since the beginning of last week. on the second day, Saturday. the streets around the country was quiet, except ambulance and police car. attack on health team that is being buried victims killed by the attack Ebola really surprising team. Camanda said, lucky armed police immediately come to the burial so that the attackers fled. Police Chief Sector local superintendent mustapha kamara said he have sent additional officers to Matainkay" after a group of young man trying to interfere with the burial" death toll due to Ebola, he requires health workers ask for a police escort if buried victims killed by Ebola. virus outbreaks Ebola this year began to raged in some countries in West Africa since March. The World Health Organization( WHO) said to now 5,357 people infected, most they are in the sierra leone, Guiena, and Liberia with the death toll has reached 2,630 were killed,( REUTERS/ AFP/ CAL)

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