BNN network methamphetamine destroy ships Hong Kong

Agency for narcotics national( BNN) destroy the way burned carrier vessel Sabu' s international network of origin of Hong kong the arrested on January 2015. BNN also destroy 94 kilograms of methamphetamine in the garbage plant airport Soekarno- Hatta. Deputy action BNN. deddy fauzi Elhakim on Tuesday( 10/ 3) said carrier vessel shabu that burned is ships in use the drug syndicate of origin Hong kong wo chi ping. and nine colleagues arrested in the region kalideres, Jakarta west on 5 January ago after caught smuggling drugs types of methamphetamine as much 800 kilograms through the sea on the beach dadap." Ship KM 6633 is a means of transportation' s network wo Ching ping. we destroy our way fuel on the dock Dadap Gili, Kosambi, District Tangerang," said Deddy. Destruction is done according to the court decision the country Tangerang." Our ship fuel as a form of the seriousness of our action against drug dealers and to deterrent effect to the syndicate narcotics often smuggled goods through here," said Dedd, Related this, the district Tangerang plans put three guard posts in the coast of Dadap for drug trafficking through the sea, Regent Tangerang, Ahmed zaki iskandar said, three gatehouse this will be placed in the region Kronjo, Cituis and teluknaga." this post will oversee the process of unloading vessel, it would be found out if there ship to be to smuggle narcotics. post is made to oversee the radius 50km the coast," said Zaki on the show the sidelines of the sidelines of destruction of drug in the garbage plant Airport Soekarno- Hatta. Three post it would be guarded by the joint personnel of national police, TNI, and personnel of the district government Tangerang." supervision will be done during the 24h this so that all forms of smuggling can be gagalKan should be consistent," he said, Zaki was not Mempungkiri that the coast is often used as the location of smuggling and drug deals. just call appearance on January 5 2015 carried out BNN to the syndicate of Hong kong it.

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