Messi, Reading Books school to find a school for Thiago

status as a mega star with the highest paid to 20 million euros or approximately USD 283 billion and the world player with four Ballon d' or, messi is the parental figures that the same as other parents the world will do anything for his son, Thiago, spend time with the time at home, read news before bed, until looking for school of the best, messi do everything it by the baby. when his spare time, messi more often spend it at home with partner Antonella Rocuzzo and Thiago with the watch, Playing, and eat together. Even before Thiago sleep, he was still took read fairy tale for his son." I enjoyed every time with Thiago. he understand each word that I say, outstanding," said messi in an interview with FourFour Two some time ago." My life really changed since the presence of Thiago. This is the most important for me. My mind only to him, he is the gift most beautiful you want," continued Messi, about their daily life with Thiago and antonella, this story messi." Today my day? I get up early morning and breakfast with my family, Antonellia and Thiago. Then they go to play group and I exercise," said messi this time in the interview with Mundo Deportivo." I then back home, we eat, drink, and then go outside, we try to do something to ensure Thiago not get bored," continued messi, this year messi will be more busy taking care of Thiago, he has begun to have to find the school for the firstborn it, when school Thiago it will be a new in the next year, but messi and antonella already have to start selecting the school of the best to his son." He currently still in the day care but next year he will start school and now we have started should consider to where we want him to attend school later," continued messi which is about seven months will be more busy with his family because his attention not only on Thiago but also the second child who is now is in the content of Antonellia.

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