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R32 Low Style - Team Projects

More Projects! Yes certainly. Start line We love the low down style of the A Bo Moon R32 team. (botom right) So some folks at GCRC determine...

R32 LOW Style Project Build...

Line em up. R32 Low Style Team task. A~Bo~Moon & BN Sports inspired glitter paint. Vinyl masks for awesome contrast. And those special d...

R32 Low Style Team Project -Update... Flame on.

Two colour reveals come first.  But there are more on the way. The peel display is a special point in any painting exercising. However get...

R32 Low Style Team Project -Update... Peel reveals

A Bo Mooooooooooooooooooooooooon fashion. A bit more A-Bo-Moon on this one. While others are more putting. This one is a touch greater subtl...

R32 Low Style Team Project -Update... Details

What's next... Details... Arrrgh! It's about this point in a construct in which the individuality starts to be expressed. The small ...