UK Insurer Parts the Most Unreliable and Costly Car to Fix

In an article on a BMW-faced Honda Accord we found for sale on Craigslist back in 2008, we wrote that in a perfect world, our ultimate car would be ?Designed by Italians, engineered by Germans, built by Japanese and marketed by Americans?.

So, what?S the worst car one could imagine? Well, if we played around with the above statements, we?D say one designed by Japanese, engineered by Americans, built by Italians and marketed by Germans.

But UK insurance firm Warranty Direct had something a little bit different in mind. Instead of playing the origin card, the company decided to check out its database of 50,000 live policies on cars aged five years on average to part the UK?S most unreliable vehicle that would break down every other month and cost an average of ?Dua,050 (equal to US$3,270 - ?2,330) to fix each year.

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