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2009 cadillac escalade platinum

2009 cadillac escalade platinum

2009 cadillac escalade platinum

 2009 cadillac escalade platinum

 2009 cadillac escalade platinum

For 2009, Cadillac mates its two-mode hybrid system to the top-line Escalade Platinum SUV. A 6.0-liter V-8 rated at 332 hp and 367 lb.-ft. of torque replaces the 403 horse 6.2-liter. And, with a weight north of 7,000-lbs, the hybrid returns 20 mpg city , thanks to regenerative braking, stop-start, cylinder deactivation, and electronically driven aircon and power steering systems. The latter system, Cadillac says, boosts fuel economy up to 0.5 mpg by reducing parasitic losses.

With a seven mpg city gain, the Platinum retains its high-line features, including a grille styled after the CTS, 22-in. Wheels, magnetic suspension, LED headlights, Aniline leather-upholstered interior, and a DVD entertainment system with screens in the front-seat headrests. Two- and four-wheel drive configurations are available.

The hybrid package comes at a $3600 premium over the standard Platinum. Rear-drive starts at $85,885 while four-wheel drive comes in at $88,395


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