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GCRC mid Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

 Time for a real Battle! Ninja Style!

GCRC Open Attack.

Door to Door.

On the Slide

Everywhere I seemed have been Red S15s

The GCRC Turtle Van attracts soooooooooooo much interest.

You end up combating with each person.

Change of route takes place fast.... Inside a spear or sword length is high-quality!

It gives you something else to consciousness on.... Getting close has an brought hobby.

When I'm in chase mode, the guys rest their Feet on the door.

Lots of craziness.

Just about to chop into the sweeper. Challenger in tow.

Lucky I constructed it strong! The strong Drift package RF Concept base was a first rate choice. The balance in the chassis is very good. CS 3.Four gives lot's of perspective.

Plastic bath chassis plays very well.

Regular struggle fashion.

Slide on at GCRC

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