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Chevrolet Volt (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Chevrolet Volt (2012) | Volt is programmed to respond with a choice of three driving modes. Normal mode enables the Volt to drive like a conventional car, only more efficiently. Sport mode drivers Gives more feedback and heightened aggressive response. Mountain mode maintains a reserve power for climbing long, steep grades. For less than the cost of a latte, you can fully charge your Volt and drive an EPA-estimated 35 miles gas-free. Choose a standard 120V charging kit That allows you to plug into a conventional electrical outlet and fully charge the battery in about 10 hours, depending on climate. Or opt for an available 240V charging station charging That reduces your time to approximately four hours. For more information, visit SPX Service Solutions.

A 16kWh lithium-ion battery pack powers the Volt for an EPA-estimated 35 miles on a full charge. If you also have a full tank of gas, the total driving range is up to 375 miles11. If the battery runs low, you do not have to worry Because the Volt automatically Transitions to a unique gasoline range-extending capability.

Your drive begins with the aid of an available rear-vision camera system alerts drivers to That Certain stationary obstacles when driving at low speeds in Reverse. Since the Volt is so quiet, a driver-activated pedestrian-friendly alert who helps warn people may not hear approaching at low speeds Volt . Once on the road, drive with confidence knowing the StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System with Traction Control is there to keep you on course. If a moderate-to-severe collision Occurs, the Volt is designed to respond instantly with a standard eight-Including bags16 water head-curtain side-impact bags for the water front and rear outboard occupants, plus frontal and side-impact bags for new knee the water driver and front passenger. Should a collision occur, crucial information can be automatically relayed to the On Star  Command Center via On Star  Automatic Crash Response10.

Two interactive color LCD screens constantly Provide feedback; like real-time information on energy usage and power flow. Efficiency feedback based on your driving style. Even how much charge Remains in the battery. One screen actually allows you to program a charging schedule based on electricity rate plans. For 2012 , the Volt offers a number of striking interior color combinations. Choose Between Jet Black available leather-appointed seats with Ceramic White or Spice Red or Green inserts, the which come with complementary interior Accents.

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