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V1 v V2 @ GCRC

Version 1 or Version 2 Rockets ready for action. Video Take 1

215mm wide rear give up desires 14. Custom MST rims are exact for this project.

Lemon twang or pumpkin soup. What is your flavour.

Full peak V2 makes use of the ordinary peak of the frame.

Custom 86 cut low for mad stance.

RE-Xtreme RWD fashion. Plastic Drift Package under newbie control still powerful.


A video to return of some of the closest drifting I have carried out in a protracted long time.

Big Speed Street Machines also combating.

Weight Shift DP vs Bianca

Low stance for flow fashion.

Get some bunny fever. I surprise while we will see Rocket Bunny JZX package?

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Mustaqim Jaed
Saya Adalah Orang Yang Suka Menggambar Dan Menulis Serta Menyukai Hal Hal Yang Baru, Terus Belajar Dan Berinovasi Supaya Lebih Baik Lagi

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