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Tesla Wants $400 Million Bailout Loan - Anyone Else?

Everyone desires a chunk of the (bailout) pie; even tiny Tesla Motors. The Associate Press reported that the Silicon Valley-based electric car joined Detroit's Big Three automakers in their bid to get a $25 billion government useful resource. Tesla become stated to have applied for approximately $400 million in no to low-interest loans to fund two tasks, info of which were not found out. But unfortunately for Tesla, GM, Ford and Chrysler LLC failed spectacularly to make a powerful case for the $25 billion bailout with the Congress telling them to return in December with a possible turnaround plan - click on here for extra info.

And at the same time as one may want to rather justify bailing out the Big Three to hold jobs and help the U.S. Economy from falling right into a deeper recession, what is the massive deal if Tesla goes bankrupt? We're talking approximately a small agency that builds one restricted manufacturing sportscar -the Roadster- and which might make every other one in a few years time - the four-door sedan Model-S. So what?

Via: TTAC , Source: Mlive / Associated Press

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