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GCRC - Far from Busted

Ripe for a registration defect...

Legality and go with the flow machines have usually been misaligned. Massive camber loss of bumpers and wide music frequently equals instantaneous police enchantment. In Australia, an on-road burnout can equal vehicle confiscation and even crushing of the offending vehicle.

So you don't wanna get BUSTED.

So we're pressured to the circuit. GCRC replicates a scale brief direction wherein sideways motion is usual.

This Team Bomber DRB has been getting some serious lap motion. The owner equipped for a few greater lessons.

Torana Supercharger visiting nicely.

Scraping the fence way usually having amusing.

Four door float...

And 86 waft occasions appear like a long term ago... But we are beginning to put together for the 24hr events with gymkhana, dual go with the flow, comps and greater.

My plan to run the FD nowadays suffered a setback with my rear hex inflicting a bearing failure.

But there is usually next week. Enjoy your RC.

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