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Tesla to Build Mass Market Electric Sedan in California

Tesla’s forthcoming battery-powered 4-door sedan model that is scheduled to enter the market in 2010 will be manufactured at a facility in the state of California (just like the Roadster) and not in Albuquerque, New Mexico as it was previously announced. Tesla Motors and Californian Governor Schwarzenegger made the announcement at a joint press conference at the company’s San Carlos headquarters.

“Today’s announcement is incredible news for California ’s economy and its environment,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “If California was a baseball team this would be like winning the first round draft pick and recruiting a player who is a perfect fit on our roster because Tesla Motors and its all-electric cars belong in California ,” the Governor added. -Continued

Ze’ev Drori, President and CEO of Tesla Motors, remarked, “Tesla has achieved an extraordinary accomplishment. We are the only automobile company today delivering full performance battery-electric vehicles to our customers. Make no mistake - we are not a niche player with a car only for the rich and famous. As our agreement with the state so clearly demonstrates, we are building a high volume ZERO EMISSION VEHICLE, manufactured in California for mid-range family use. And we aren’t going to stop there. We will continue on and build even more affordable cars.

You are witnessing the debut of a brand new automobile employer, a organization unlike all others, a business enterprise with a disruptive era, a business enterprise committed for the distinctive production of Zero Emission Vehicles.?

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