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GRC Testing Tuesday

 The benckmark.

Under my FD3s is a Full Overdose DRB that does nothing wrong. Its a attempted and examined machine that surely works. With 2.5Cs and approximately three years of slow changes, off the shelf upgrades have been a no brainer.

Now... RWD is a bit of a different story. I cannot count the number of configurations out there...  chassis layout, battery layout, power, tyre, spring, castor, camber, ackerman, etc etc etc... So what do you do? TEST.... TEST... TEST...

But it's now not best me.

Testing may not most effective mean the chassis (RE-R Hybrid), however also every new frame shell with their different aero characters

 Each configuration will paintings very in another way.

If your new frame is pretty, maybe you will take a look at your nerves.

While the frame placing is finished and in shape to the chassis. (FR-D).

Everything underneath manipulate... You could start the war.

And admire your work.

Then check out your driver ability. Just getting the entirety proper.

So subsequently the entirety is operating together.

 You can start to have a few amusing...

Is that 2 bunnines or three.

Men and their toys...

 Uh hmmm.

The give up...

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