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The most popular Porsche is going electric

The most popular Porsche is going electric

Hong Kong( CNN Business) Porsche is upping its bet on electric vehicles. 

The German indulgence carmaker said Tuesday that it will release an electric version of the Macan SUV, its most popular prototype, in the next few years. 

Production of the" fully electrical" Macan is set to start" early in the next decade," Porsche said in the following statement. It will be manufactured at the company's existing plant for the Macan in Leipzig, Germany. 

The company declined to say whether it would continue exchanging a gasoline-powered version of the SUV. 

The shift to electric vehicles is meeting speed in the indulgence automotive industry as the leading manufacturer pour resources into new technologies. 

More than one in 3 of the 260,000 vehicles Porsche delivered last year was a Macan, a prototype that was first launched in 2011. 

The company is planning to invest about EUR6 billion ($ 6.8 billion) in developing electric cars over the next three years. Porsche demands half of all its new vehicles to be either hybrids or fully electrical by 2025. 

" Our purport is to take a pioneering character in engineering, and for this reason, we will continue to consistently align the company with the mobility of the future," Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said in the following statement. 

The most popular Porsche is going electric

The Macan is Porsche's most popular vehicle. It's planning to start producing an all-electric version" early in the next decade ." 

Last year, Porsche launched the Taycan, its first fully electric car. It is set to go on sale following the conclusion of this year. 

The company didn't mention a likely rate for the electrical Macan. The most basic version of the present prototype starts at exactly under $60,000. 

Many of Europe's top automakers are launching on an electric vehicle offensive. 

Porsche's parent group, Volkswagen( VLKAF ), said late last year that it would expend EUR4 4 billion ($ 50 billion) by 2023 with a view to developing electric cars, self-driving vehicles, and other new technologies. 

A big chunk of that sum will be invested in construct vehicles in China, either already the world's largest sell for electric cars. 

But less than 1% of the cars Volkswagen sells worldwide each year are amply electrified or hybrids, stressing the huge challenges in convincing drivers to clear the swap. 

The emphasis on electrical sits has become particularly distinguished in the high-end vehicle sell where Tesla( TSLA) has set the benchmarks. 

Jaguar secreted its all-electric indulgence SUV, the I-Pace, last year. Audi and Mercedes-Benz both have electrical SUVs in the works.

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