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2019 Audi Q8 Drivers' Notes Review | Sharp dresser

2019 Audi Q8

This crossover doesn't sacrifice utility for style

The 2019 Q8 is the latest and greatest from Audi, a so-called four-door coupe that was inspired by simulations like the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe. These simulations trade in a little utility for a heavy dosage of mode, though the Audi is the least compromised of the trio when it comes to useable space. It's 21 cubic-feet of cargo volume behind the rear benches is approximately the same as the other two, but the style it's packaged allowed to be a more usable field. Rear visibility and rear headroom are improved, too. That said, new versions of both the X6 and GLE are on their style, so expect to see both of those simulations make some gains .

Like most Audis, the Q8 shares a lot with other Volkswagen Group simulations, namely the Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus. Our tester was the mid-level Premium Plus model. It's $ 4,000 more than a base Q8 Premium but includes features like 21 -inch wheels, a Bang& Olufsen sound system, illuminated doorway sills, four-zone climate control, ventilated front seats and wireless accuse. Other options on this model include $595 for the Daytona Grey paint, the $600 cold weather package and the $2,750 driver assistance package. The latter adds adaptive cruise with traffic jam assist, active path assist and traffic sign recognition. All in, this Q8 will determine you back $79,340.

Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore: The Q8 is stylish and offers a large-sized take on the' coupe' crossover mashup segment. I like it. The six-cylinder is firm and capable. The interior is an elegant progression of Audi's upscale cabin treatment. It's quiet at road velocities and the chassis nicely dampens Michigan's cratered streets. The guide is light yet responsive when you are ready to it. With lots of creases, a prominent grille and the appearance of an off-road mode front fascia( it's the angle ), the Q8 has more presence than its contestants from BMW and Mercedes. I was able to jam three big plastic bathtubs and a huge cardboard box in the back, too, so there's fewer compromises with Audi's more conventional designing. The Q8 seems like a win for the Four Rings .

Senior Editor, Green, John Beltz Snyder: This is an attractive vehicle. Discovering it in the parking lot for the first time, it looks athletic, enforcing and aggressive yet sharp and clean, especially in this Daytona Gray. I've always thought the Q5 and Q7 seem a little pudgy, but not this. I wanted to get in it as soon as I assured it .

I was greeted by a spacious, comfortable interior with Audi's signature architectural styling. Also there are a lot of digital presentations here, including the instrument panel, the infotainment touchscreen, and the HVAC control screen. While they all seem very nice, I determined the touching controls a little finicky. Sometimes I had to press extra hard to get the touchscreen to recognize my input. There was also a little slowdown at other times. It was nowhere near as frustrating as in the I-Pace, but it was enough to induce me wish for more hard buttons. I acknowledged having some audio self-controls on the steering wheel, but there were a couple of times I inadvertently changed the audio source from there while steering around a corner .

The Q8 drives like a true-blue Audi. It's calm when you want it to be, and leaps to life at your command. I especially liked the tuning of the suspension in the Q8. It seemed near impossible to catch the active damping system unaware. It feels nice and taut going down the road, like a skier with her knees inclination ready for the next mogul. When those moguls came, the Q8' s suspension was always read to absorb the punch and keep the compartment still and quiet .

This feels like a glimpse into the future for Audi, and I was simply help but wonder how the German brand translates this aesthetic and dynamics into its E-Tron lineup in the years ahead. If Audi can continue to do right by customers with its clean styling and fine-tuned driving dynamics while appealing to those of us who crave electric power, it should be a fun ride .

Assistant Editor Zac Palmer: Even if the Audi A8 is technically the flagship of Audi's lineup, the Q8 must be far more important for the brand in the U.S. It dislocates the Q7 as the most expensive Audi SUV money can buy, and residences all the new technology Audi is throwing at its automobiles .

One worry of mine with "coupe SUVs" that the Germans enjoy so much better is always visibility. The Q8 feels like it commits to the slung-back body mode partway. Both the Mercedes and BMW contestants to this vehicle have a much more rounded and traditional shape, whereas the Audi is all straight lines and angles. I think this appears a lot better than the others that just come off as bulbous and bloated comparatively. The extraordinary Audi taillights and full-width LED strip out back look right at home in the dark, too. My biggest letdown are the black plastic inserts to simulate exhaust outlets in the rear bumper -- they're laughable, and Audi going to be able to do better .
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I heaped kudo on the Audi A6' s interior and infotainment structure, and the Q8 feels like a carbon copy of that, but in taller SUV form. In short, it's fabulous and feels worth each dollar of its expensive asking price .

The driving experience itself is relatively ho-hum, though. There's enough torque and power, the 48 -volt structure offer near seamless commence and stopping and the chassis strikes an appropriate balance between solitude from the road and responsiveness. We'll have to wait for the SQ8 to get anything in the sporty realm, but even the normal Q8 maintains onto corners far longer than a big SUV has any right to. I do have a slight quibble with the transmission. The ZF eight-speed offer near unnoticeable changes consistently, but every now and then there's a slightly better jarring transition between gears, unbecoming of this transmission's usual smoothness. It's certainly no dealbreaker, but I was surprised to notice the little hiccup in such an otherwise fluid machine .

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