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Up to Rs 14 lakh off on Audi cars, SUVs in March 2019


Audi dealers are now offering massive discounts and benefits on 2018 model year Q3, Q5, Q7, A3, A4 and A6 in order to clear stocks before March 31, 2019, the end of the financial year.

The end of a financial year typically visualizes quite a few carmakers offer large discounts and benefits if there is to clear inventory of older simulates. Audi dealerships across India have now been authorized to provide potential customers with massive discounts and benefits on a large selection of its India range, includes the Q3, Q5, and Q7 SUVs and the A3, A4 and A6 sedans. Here's how much you'll be able to save on your brand new Audi, if you buy it before March 31, 2019 :

Audi Q7

Save up to Rs 14 lakh

Audi's current flagship SUV has made quite a name for itself in the upper crest of Indian car buyers thanks to excellent cabin character and the brilliant 249 hp, 3.0 -litre diesel engine. There's also a 251 hp, 2.0 -litre turbo-petrol on offer with the seven-seat SUV. Like its challenger, the Mercedes GLS, the Q7 also offers to seat for seven. Purchasers can avail up to Rs 14 lakh merit of discounts and benefits on the diesel Q7 45 TDI and up to Rs 13 lakh on the petrol Audi Q7 40 TFSI.

Audi A6

Save up to Rs 13.5 lakh

The Audi A6 seems dated is comparable to a newer rival like the BMW 5-series and Mercedes E-class considering it was last updated in 2015, but it still appears classy and premium. It is available with a 1.8 -litre turbo-petrol and 2.0 -litre turbo-diesel, both of which produce 190 hp and are mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch manual transmission. The A6 is offered in a single top-spec Technology trim, both of which can now be bought with whopping discounts and benefits of up to Rs 13.5 lakh.

Audi Q5

Save up to Rs 12 lakh

The Q5 shares its interior bits with "the worlds largest" Q7, which is most definitely a good thing. The rival to the BMW X3 and Mercedes GLE seems neat, sports excellent ride character and comes with a pair of refined engines- a 252 hp, 2.0 -litre petrol and a 190 hp, 2.0 -litre diesel. Audi traders are now offering up to Rs 12 lakh on the top-spec Q5 35 TFSI Technology, up to Rs 10.5 lakh on the Q5 35 TDI Technology, Rs 10 lakh on the Q5 35 TDI Premium Plus, and Rs 9 lakh on the Audi Q5 35 TFSI Premium Plus.

Audi A4

Save up to Rs 10 lakh

The A4 is Audi's answer to the Mercedes C-class, BMW 3-series and Volvo's S6 0, but its understated seems aren't to everybody's liking. Nonetheless, the Audi A4' s highlightings include a user-friendly and high quality cabin, overall refinement and a smooth 190 hp, 2.0 -litre diesel engine. The 150 hp, 1.4 -litre petrol is good for the city, but feels underwhelming on the highway. Potential patrons can get discounts and benefits of up to Rs 10 lakh on the top-spec A4 Technology and up to Rs 9.5 lakh on the lower-spec A4 Premium Plus .

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Audi Q3

Save up to Rs 10 lakh

The smallest SUV in Audi India's current line-up, the Q3 comes a refined and adequate 150 hp, 1.4 -litre turbo-petrol and 150 hp, 2. -litre diesel engine, along with a more powerful 184 hp, 2.0 -litre diesel motor. While the Audi Q3 may feel a bit older than its competition, which includes the Mercedes GLA, BMW X1, Volvo XC4 0 and Mini Countryman, the SUV is known for a comfortable and quality cabin. The committee is dismisses and benefits up to Rs 10 lakh on the diesel Q3 35 TDI Technology, Rs 9 lakh on the diesel Premium Plus and Rs 8.5 lakh on the Q3 30 TFSI and Q3 30 TDI .

Audi A3

Save up to Rs 8.5 lakh

The entry-point to the German carmaker's range, the Audi A3 is known for its fun-to-drive qualities and comfortable journey. While it isn't ideal for the chauffeur-driven, the A3' s 150 hp, 1.4 -litre petrol and 143 hp, 2.0 -litre diesel engine give good performance and come mated to a quick shifting 7-speed dual clutch automatic. All four variants of the sedan can now be had with benefits up to Rs 8.5 lakh in select locatings .

Source By autocarindia.com
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