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A brilliantly-designed item. Every inch the mini-A8, but not as good to drive as a 5er.

2018 Audi A6


What is it? 

A brand-new Audi saloon, in length L to the A8' s XL, A4' s M and A3' s S. Its manufacturer claims the eighth-generation A6 is a" multi-talent in the indulgence class" that" brings innumerable innovations to the segment...in terms of its convenience and sportiness ". Bold alleges, and maybe justified having regard to the A6 is based on the same platform as the A7 and A8, and thus comes much engineering. Quite much everything available on, large, most expensive stablemates, in fact, except the A8' s fancy AI autonomy. Technology like all-wheel direct, the mild-hybrid organization that allows engine-off coasting at up to 99 mph, and the twin-touchscreen' MMI touch' infotainment organization. More on all those later.

2018 Audi A6

2018 Audi A6

Problem is, the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E-Class and Volvo S9 0- the A6' s central competition- are all tremendously good vehicles. The BMW for the channel it drives( an honorable mention for the Jaguar XF too, although honorable abroad ), the Mercedes for its elaboration and the S90 for its peacefulness and Scandi-charm. If you're in middle-management and want A Good Automobile, you are not without options. So the Audi A6 can't just be good- it has to be really good, and in pretty much every conceivable channel, just to compete.>>> Full Review Click Here

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